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A while back Cycling Frelsi published an article to help aspiring cyclists that are still undecided if they will buy a bib short or not.  This time Cycling Frelsi wants to help you learn what to look for when buying your first pair. But, first, why you need cycling shorts? Many cyclists, especially those that are just starting, get confused about whether if they have to replace their bike seat after they experienced any discomfort. This problem is prevalent for those who do not know the comfort that cycling short brings. They have no idea that a new cycling short can also...

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If you’re a regular cyclist, a racer or a rider that goes out on weekends for a long ride on countryside or road racing, comfort is one of the top priority - investing on a durable and quality bib short is a necessity. Each bib short is padded to provide comfort that allows you to sit in the saddle for hours without feeling any discomfort. Bib short also helps prevent waistband from digging into your waistline, and the most important of all, it has no excess fabric that flaps, unlike regular biking shorts. You can wear them at any season...

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