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Cycling has evolved over the years. New and innovative gears and accessories are coming out every year. That’s why it’s understood that a new cyclist would sometimes be confused about which one they would wear and avoid. Especially when it comes to cycling shoes. While you can still use your favorite running shoes, you’ll soon discover that shoes built for cycling provides greater comfort, lightweight, much more efficient and it helps improve your overall performance. One possible source of confusion for beginners is because each cycling shoes have different variations from pedal, cleats and shoe combinations based on the type...

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Do you have a road bike or a mountain bike? Do you use SPD pedals or flat pedals? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you decide what shoes to buy because these bike pedals have different use and purposes. It is also essential to know which type of bike pedal you want to use. If you already know these things, you can now start looking for the perfect cycling shoes.     Beginners usually start with flat pedals which don’t require cleats. It is also the preferred option when riding flat surfaces, bike parks and pavements but as time...

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Have you ever wondered if cycling shoes are necessary for biking? When you were first starting out, did you ever ask yourself if you really needed to buy a pair or if your running shoes would do the job? Many commuters, city cyclists, don’t necessarily go out and buy the latest and most expensive foot gear. Often, they commute with a pair of sneakers and don’t find any problems with their rides. In our experience, one can ride in flats with running shoes without a hitch for months and months. And you know what they say, if it ain’t broke,...

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