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Throughout the years, gloves have been one of the essential gears cyclist use along with cycling jerseys and bib shorts. And here are the reasons why you need to have one too:  Use cycling gloves for safety No cyclists want to be in an accident. But no matter how much you avoid it, accidents do happen all the time. That's why you need to prepare for it. Cycling gloves protect your palm if you attempt to use them to break a fall.  Falling off a bike, our natural instinct is to put your hands out to stop your fall. Your...

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We’re always happy to see a new cyclist on the road. We love to hear their stories about why they decided to become one and how they started. I know that it could be overwhelming at first especially if you don’t know anyone, yet. But you’ll always have this kind of feeling when you’re starting on something. Riding should be fun and exciting. However, keep in mind that you should know the basic rules of the road before you go out there. So aside from knowing the rules of the road, you should also be prepared not just physically and...

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