Why you need to invest on good cycling socks

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Why you need to invest on good cycling socks

One often-overlooked cycling accessories is the socks.

And over the years the materials used in producing cycling socks have undergone a radical change. Because of the increase in usage and demand, manufacturers now prefer to use synthetic fiber over natural fibers.

There's a vast difference between the two since natural fiber, like cotton, quickly absorbs moisture. And for a physical sport like cycling where we sweat a lot, this could lead to friction between your skin and your shoes which could result in blistering and hot spots.

On the other hand, synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester, the two most common materials used nowadays, provides a lot of benefits like:

 - it has antibacterial properties

- antimicrobial

- it easily conforms to the shape and contours of the foot

- won't fade easily

- effectively wicks moisture

- odorless

- it stays in place 

- reduces the chance of skin irritations

These benefits have a lot to do in the position of the foot when cycling. Unlike in other sports, when cycling your foot is placed in a stationary position. That's why it is beneficial to use a thin, snug-fit sock because it allows the technical features of the socks to perform at its best.

In recent years, they designed cycling socks to have a much more efficient contact with your cycling shoe.

Even professional cyclists state the importance of selecting the right shoe to suit your foot. 

Using a wrong shoe or wrong socks could promote more issues in your foot like blistering and hot spots, a nerve pain that's common among cyclists.

A hot spot is caused by excessive movement inside the shoe, which generally happens when the nerve endings in the foot contracts and expands following extreme activities.

The latest technologies gave manufacturers a chance to add a moisture wicking feature into cycling socks. It works by pushing the sweat from the soles to the shoes. This activity inside your socks offers a cooling effect on the feet.

In addition to the natural moisture-wicking benefits of cycling socks, Merino wool has become popular. Merino wool is one of the most effective when it comes to heat regulation in your foot. Because of its breathability, it ensures a small layer of air is circulating inside the socks. This feature makes your feet stay warm, which is beneficial during chilly mornings and winter conditions. Many cyclists also believe that a longer length sock helps increased temperature regulation.

But many still prefer to use mid-crew length socks because it provides a more significant foot and ankle support and it serves as ankle protection during a crash.

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