Not everyone LOVES having a bike seat cushion…..but it is a necessity.

Not everyone LOVES having a bike seat cushion…..but it is a necessity.

Not everyone LOVES having a bike seat cushion…..but it is a necessity.

How many times have you had saddle sores?

Saddle sore, among other concerns, is one of the most common problems of any cyclist.

However, what is the cause of this?

As we all know your bicycle seat may be small but it carries your total body weight, and it balances your body as you continue to pedal your bicycle. This forward movement creates pressure in your buttocks area which often causes discomfort that causes saddle sore. Thankfully, evolution in technology has created bike saddles that addresses this common problem. Functional saddles available today has ergonomic designs specifically created for this type of situation. To top it all bike seat cushions are also built to relieve discomfort in your groin and buttocks area.

If you're undecided, here are some essential features that you should consider.

The shape of your saddle

Comfort should be the priority when choosing a bike seat cushion. Because the shape of your cushion is your key to comfort, choose a bike seat cushion that fits your saddle. It should eliminate pressure from your sit bones and gives relief to your groin area. If your saddle is too narrow it will not support your body weight; therefore it is suggested to use a bike seat cushion to remove the pressure to your groin area because it causes saddle sores. You should also take into consideration that saddle for men and women differ because women have a wider sit bone. So choosing the right one that fits you is necessary and add a bike seat cushion that will provide comfort for long hours of biking.    

The cushion

Each bike seat cushion consists of composite materials such as gel, Lycra, and sponge material. These materials offer excellent support to your groin and buttocks area. It is also shock resistant which is convenient when you're riding rough and steep road. The straps of the bike seat cushion will remain intact to your saddle, and it won't slip. It also has a hollow breathing hole to keep your hip dryer during long distance riding.

Biking Tip:

When doing short rides, soft saddles are a perfect choice. Moreover, if you're riding for long distances, a hard but comfortable seat is advisable. Just give your buttocks time to adapt.

The texture of the cushion

The constant movement of the cyclist creates tension in the groin area which frequently causes saddle sores. That is why it is essential to check the material and the texture of the bike seat cushion that you will purchase. That's one of the factors Cycling Frelsi considered when they created this best-selling product. They know that a smooth surface can cause the rider to slide back and forth in the saddle. This back and forth movement is the main factor that leads to chaffing and later saddle sore. To prevent this, Cycling Frelsi created a bike seat cushion that has a textured surface to keep the rider's body in place. Also, this is the reason why our customers love our bike seat cushion. 


Using the right apparels

Using the right gears and apparels like a pair of padded bike shorts are just as crucial in preventing saddle sore. If you consistently suffer for saddle sores, despite using a bike seat cushion and padded shorts, you may need to make sure if the size of your bike and the angle of your saddle compliments the figure of your body. You may need to see a bike specialist and make sure that the fit and the angle of your bike corresponds to the size of your body.

Biking tip:

After every ride, you need to wash your shorts and jerseys immediately, because bacteria buildup on your apparels can also lead to sores and infection.

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