Every child deserves to go to school.

Every child deserves to go to school.

Here at Cycling Frelsi, we believe that every student will become a leader someday. So, we need to honor them for all of their complexities and individualities.

Growing up, classmates often denigrated the way I speak. Other kids would say to me, “You don’t deserve to be here.” I was treated differently and often left from certain activities. But there was one thing that I remember vividly, when a teacher stands up for me, speaking in front telling my classmates about the importance of respecting others. Because of the importance of education in our family, I continued to work hard and focus on my studies.

Those are the moments in my life that motivated me and helped me reach where I am right now. And I am fortunate that I was surrounded by people who continuously seek ways to improve my business. And after a trip to the Philippines, I returned excited about the concept of helping an organization that provides assistance to schools especially those that are struggling to make ends meet.

Through a nonprofit organization called INNvigorate Philippines, I found an organization that regularly conducts outreach programs to different municipalities to reach more children. I jumped at the chance to help this organization. I wanted to help and inspire these children and make them feel that everything is possible.

Cycling Frelsi has partnered with INNvigorate Philippines to help with their Balik Eskwela Drive (Back to School Drive). An activity that they’ve been doing every summer before classes start in the Philippines.

This organization provides school supplies to children especially in the far-flung barangay, children whom sometimes won’t go to school because they lack money to buy supplies such as paper, notebook, bags and other school necessities. And if that’s not enough, INNvigorate also provides groceries to their parents. So, parents could feel that they also have a part in the program.

This year, INNvigorate did outreach to three different communities and we’re happy that Cycling Frelsi has partnered with them all the way.

These children are from:

- San Isidro Elementary in Rodriguez, Rizal

- Puncan Elementary in Carranglan, Nueva Ecija

- Lobo Central School in Lobo, Batangas

With the help of my team and everyone, including you, reading this right now, who supported me in this advocacy. I feel that I have done something worth sharing to my kids.

I know that this is the start of something great for us here at Cycling Frelsi. This is just the beginning and we will continue to look for ways that we can support and give back to the community.

Join us next time. As we continue to look for ways to improve our lives, not just my business but yours as well.