10 Tips when you want to use your bike to work

10 Tips when you want to use your bike to work

10 Tips when you want to use your bike to work

So you decided to take your bike to work, thinking it can be beneficial to your health, it's a cheaper way to commute, and it's going to be good for the environment. Whatever your reason maybe, here are a few things to consider before you hop on your bike and charge on the concrete jungle.

  1. Check the distance.

Begin with an achievable distance.  If you are new to this riding game, make sure that the distance that you want to cover is achievable.  Have you taken a ride with that same distance? Make sure  If it is conceivable that you can commute both ways on the first day.

  1. Start with an easy pace.

Any new thing needs some getting used to, so there is no need to feel pressured to do this biking thing on a regular everyday basis. When you start you can start on an easy pace, you can do it twice a week and then just add a few more days into your work week as get more comfortable with your ride.

  1. Do a dry run on the weekend

To make sure how long will it take for your ride and to plan your time on how early you should start your ride to get to your office in time, you can do a test "run" on a weekend and just add a few more minutes into it to simulate the working-day traffic.

  1. Plan your Route ahead

Check the best route to take on your ride.  Since you are on your bike now, you can choose a different route to what you are used to when taking a car.  Plan the shortest, fastest and safe route to your work prior to your actual commute to office.

5.Find routes with minimal traffic

Connected to number three point above, it is best to choose a route that is not being used for public transportation.  This will ensure less chaos, less outside factors to consider, for a more relaxing ride.

  1. Do a bike check

Check your bike, all the parts if they are in good condition. Get familiar with your bike and make sure that it is in A condition. Just like your car, your bike also needs maintenance and if you are going to use it everyday for your commute to work you have to get to know your bike more.

  1. Learn to change a flat

You'll never know when you will get a flat, so learn to change a flat. If you know how to fix it, then mishaps like this will not ruin your day.

  1. Don't make a big deal of your clothes

No need to wear fancy cycling gear just yet, your goal is to get started and get use to the ride. But, it is a good idea to consider investing on cycling shorts at least to make sure your ride will be more comfortable.

  1. Wear "flashy" clothes

Wear clothes that can easily be seen by motorist. This way motorist can spot you even in a distance.  This is for your own safety, so motorist can adjust to your presence on the road.

  1. Wear a helmet

This should be basic, and the most common source of debate, but still don't ride a bike if you don't have a helmet, as simple as that.

  1. Plan your clean up time

So you rode your bike to the office and then what? Before you even plan to do this make sure that your office or a gym within the vicinity of your office has a shower facility for your clean up.  You cant expect your colleague to respect you in your cycling shorts and your filthy body. Get a shower, and get ready to face your day in the office, oiled up, and energized by your ride.

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